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OpenAI对开发者致命的影响-OpenAI如何摧毁软件开发行业 (openai官网)

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On November 6, San Francisco hosted the inaugural OpenAI Developer Conference, a highly anticipated event that was billed as a landmark annual tech carnival for Silicon Valley and beyond.

However, whenever a tech giant hosts a developer conference, developers can't help but feel a sense of trepidation. This is because every move they make raises the question of whether they are providing developers with more opportunities and growth opportunities, or whether they are killing off developers and cutting off their livelihoods.

The Age of AI

As human information technology civilization moves inexorably into an era driven by artificial intelligence (AI), it is OpenAI's turn to takethe stage.

Every era has its own developers. At the listing ceremony in September 2018, Meituan founder Wang Xing thanked Steve Jobs, saying that the era he created allowed Meituan to flourish.

Indeed, without smartphones, there would be no food delivery or ride-hailing services. By the same token, Uber and Didi Chuxing should be even more grateful to Jobs.

TikTok has been greatly benefited by Apple and Google, both of which are also developers.

However, Apple and Google, especially Apple, have also killed off a large number of developers, such as those who created weather forecasting, document editing and storage, online translation, health and fitness tracking, and even intelligent voice assistants.

In short, as the whale falls, all things thrive.

Since OpenAI raised the banner of developers, it seems to have accelerated the process of killing AI developers of all sizes.

OpenAI's Threat to AI Developers

Apple at least gave weather forecasting and music developers a few years to survive, until the iPhone 4 was released.

Now, OpenAI, which is less than a year old, is wielding its sword against Jasper and Grammaly.

Moreover, Turbo's terrifying extension of ChatGPT's capabilities, as well as development tools like GPTs and APIAssistant, reveal how many other AI developers are on OpenAI's hit list.

One AI developer tweeted: "OpenAI killed the entire batch of YC 2023 projects."

Ironically, OpenAI's CEO, Sam Altman, is the former president of Y Combinator, a global tech startup incubator.

Another developer said: "Sam Altman killed my AI startup, which raised $3 million, and then only gave me a $500 ChatGPT voucher."

Apparently, many developers at the conference are quite unhappy.

Y Combinator's Mission

Speaking of Y Combinator, its most famous mission statement is "Build something people really want." This statement is very simple and straightforward.

Indeed,YC has incubated companies that people need, such as Airbnb, Twitch, Stripe, and Instacart. It has also incubated companies that people once needed, such as Dropbox.

In fact, Dropbox, a once-popular document storage tool, is a typical example of the fate of most projects incubated by YC: people did need them once, but once the tech giants did a better job, they were no longer needed.

So, do you think Sam Altman doesn't understand that OpenAI can do a better job of providing those AI functions that people really need? Why would he not accelerate the killing of AI developers and wait for the next big thing?

The Power of Language

On another level, Sam Altman and his OpenAI, which embodies the spirit of "Build something people really want," do have the ability to accelerate the killing of AI developers of all sizes.

ChatGPT is essentially a large language model, not just a large model. The word "language" is indispensable and cannot be omitted. Language here refers to natural language.

The recently launched GPT-4 Turbo, GPTs, and APIAssistant share a common explicit feature: with natural language input, they can complete most of the functions of a project or application, or extend some functions with very little code.

I just saw someone build a fortune-telling application on ChatGPT without writing a single line of code.

It is easy to imagine how easy it would be for people to build weather forecasting, writing assistants, schedule management, document management, image creation, and video analysis functions with ChatGPT.

The easier it is for ordinary people and teams to build these functions, the harder it will be for AI developers of all sizes.

The iPhone Moment for AI

NVIDIA founder Jensen Huang said that the advent of ChatGPT is the iPhone moment for AI, and I couldn't agree more.

However, I always feel that another thing Huang said many years ago gave me a sudden epiphany: he said that the essence of AI is "automation of software writing."

ChatGPT is a powerful tool that can automate the process of software writing, making it faster, easier, and cheaper to build applications.

This is a major threat to the jobs of AI developers, who are responsible for writing the software that powers our applications.


The OpenAI Developer Conference was a major event that highlighted the growing power of AI and its potential to disrupt the tech industry.

While the conference was a positive sign for the future of AI, it also raised some concerns about the impact of AI on the jobs of AI developers.

It remains to be seen how the development of AI will impact the job market, but it is clear that AI is a rapidly evolving field with the potential to change the world in profound ways.



OpenAI核心宗旨在于“实现安全的通用人工智能(AGI)”,使其有益于人类。OpenAI是指在美国成立的人工智能研究公司,OpenAI于2015年由一群科技领袖,包括山姆·阿尔特曼(Sam Altman)、彼得·泰尔(Peter Thiel)、里德·霍夫曼(Reid Hoffman)和埃隆·马斯克(Elon Musk)等人创办。



2016年4月27日发布OpenAI Gym Beta。


2017年7月20日发布Proximal Policy Optimization算法。













撰文 / 张霖郁

编辑 / 张 南

设计 / 师 超

马斯克(Elon Musk)和OpenAI的现任CEO山姆·阿尔特曼(Sam Altman)之间的恩怨从5年前开始。



阿尔特曼在3月25日接受了麻省理工人工智能研究员莱克斯·弗瑞德曼(Lex Fridman)的采访,莱克斯同时也是一位网红播客主。


他说:“我相信他对AGI(Artificial General Intellengence)的安全问题深感紧张,这是可以理解的,但我相信他也有一些其他的动机……在我成长过程中,一直都把马斯克看作偶像。他在推特上表现得像个混蛋,但我还是很高兴这个世界有他这样的人。我希望他能多看看我们为了把这件事做好而付出的努力……我也许应该回击,可能以后会的,但这并不是我的正常做法。”

马斯克比阿尔特曼大14岁。他在OpenAI于2015年12月11日成立时,先捐了1亿美元,当时他承诺会投入10亿美元,和他同时捐款的还有PayPal 联合创始人彼得·希尔( Peter Thiel)以及时任创业孵化器Y Combinator总裁的阿尔特曼。

目前,阿尔特曼已卸任Y Combinator总裁职务,他在2018年前后成为了OpenAI的首席执行官。



从2015年到2018年期间,OpenAI的定位是一家非营利组织,目标是率先创建 AGI,这是一种具有人类思维学习和推理能力的机器。他们的目的不是统治世界,而是希望该技术得到安全开发,并将其收益平均分配给全世界。










OpenAI真正的结构性变化发生在2019年3月。它不再是纯粹的非营利性质,实验室成为一家“有上限利润”营利机构,它把对投资者回报限制在 100倍以内,但从组织架构上,它还不能算完全的营利组织,因为OpenAI由一个非营利实体的董事会监管。




旧金山第 18 街和福尔瑟姆街的交叉口,OpenAI 的办公室看起来像一个神秘的仓库。这座历史悠久的建筑拥有单调的灰色镶板和有色窗户,大部分窗帘都被拉下。字母“PIONEER BUILDING”(先锋大厦)展现了它的前主人 Pioneer Truck Factory (先锋卡车工厂)的遗迹。


3年前,MIT科技评论(MIT Technology Review)的撰稿人Karen Hao曾对这家公司进行深度采访,当时她只被允许在一楼活动,二楼和三楼均为禁区,处于保密状态。这两层是员工的办公区域以及放机器人的地方。

Karen在一楼见到OpenAI联合创始人兼CTO格瑞格·布罗克曼(Greg Brockman),她在文章中写道:他看起来很紧张,也很警惕。他穿着便服,和 OpenAI 的许多人一样,留着不规则的发型,这似乎反映了一种高效、朴实的心态。

OpenAI核心团队成员合影,二排中为格瑞格·布罗克曼(Greg Brockman)▼


2019年4月的这次变动引发了很多人的指责,他们称 OpenAI 正在违背其使命。

公告发布后不久,在AGI的相关论坛上的一篇帖子中,一位用户询问 100 倍的限制是如何限制的:“谷歌的早期投资者已经获得了大约 20 倍的资本回报,”他们写道。“你敢打赌,你将拥有一个回报率比谷歌高出几个数量级的公司结构吗?同时你又说不想‘过度集中权力’?这将如何运作?如果不是资源的集中,权力到底是什么?”



2019年的夏天,在转向利润上限模式和微软注资 10 亿美元后的几周内,管理层向员工保证,这些更新不会在功能上改变 OpenAI 的研究方法。微软与实验室的价值观非常一致,任何商业化努力都将遥遥无期,寻求基本问题仍将是工作的核心。


但2020年初,OpenAI 商业化的压力越来越大,进行赚钱的研究不再是遥不可及的事情。在与员工私下分享对实验室的 2020 年愿景时,阿尔特曼传达的信息很明确:OpenAI 需要赚钱才能做研究。


但背后真正的原因是,OpenAI 面临这种权衡,不仅仅是资金压力,更重要的是它的战略选择,OpenAI试图先于其他人达到 AGI。

这种压力迫使它做出似乎离初衷越来越远的决定。它在急于吸引资金和人才的过程中倾向于炒作,保护自己的研究以期保持优势,并追求计算量大的策略——不是因为它被视为通向 AGI 的唯一途径,而是因为它似乎是最快的。






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